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International Council for Refugees and Immigrants

Mon-Friday: 8 AM-5 PM

Research and Advocacy


ICRI works with multiple higher education systems and scholars to develop an evidence-based service delivery model. ICRI is working with University of Nebraska-Omaha Juvenile Justice Institute to develop a Refugee Youth Mentoring Model. ICRI is interested in partnering with scholars and institutes in multiple areas of research, including health and housing disparities, economic impact, social acculturation, behavioral health, and civic engagement. If you are interested in partnering with ICRI in research initiative, please contact us.

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International Council for Refugees and Immigrants’ staff and board is composed of a majority of former refugees. All of ICRI’s staff, board, and volunteers posses a deep knowledge, relevant experience, and devotion to promoting equity of all people. In addition to providing direct assistance, ICRI aims to challenge policies that are discriminatory in nature by educating policy makers and empowering refugees and immigrant communities by amplifying their voices through mentoring, training and education.

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