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International Council for Refugees and Immigrants

Mon-Friday: 8 AM-5 PM

Career and Economic Advancement

Refugee Career Pathways

Through our Refugee Career Pathways program, ICRI plans to assist Afghan parolee newcomers in their pursuit to re-establish their careers in the United States. Through contextualized English training, degree recertification, and career-specific training opportunities, ICRI will work with clients to increase their employability and advance their careers. 

For more information and for questions on eligibility and upcoming programming please contact Director of Economics and Career Advancement, Lulu-A-Ferdous

Refugee Microenterprise Development Program

ICRI’s Microenterprise Development Program (MED) will provide low-interest business loans to help eligible refugee and immigrant participants start and maintain small businesses. For aspiring business owners who have no credit history or low credit scores, ICRI can provide small credit-building loans.
ICRI will provide loans for up to $15,000 to eligible approved applicants. For questions on eligibility or to apply for an MED loan, please contact Microenterprise Development Coordinator, Magda Angalo

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